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Tiffany The Tiny Home - Half Baked Hippie Bus Gift Box 😍

So, Hemp oil is all the rage. And for good reason! We use hemp oils, essential oils, and such in our home and love it. Tim has anxiety and I have a hard time sleeping, and hemp oil and aroma therapy help us both, without a doubt. We believe that if there is a natural remedy for these things instead of popping pills, it’s worth a shot. 

When Hannah from Half baked Bus reached out to us, we were pretty pumped. I’m a sucker for a quality health product and anyone that lives tiny! So I was excited and grateful that she wanted to share. 

The packaging is adorable, some of the most creative we've seen. AND it smelled phenomenal! I opened it to find fresh lavender and lots of cute trinkets. There are two rollers one lavender and one petunia petals that have hemp infused essential oils. Tim uses his in his truck at the end of the day to relax. He’s all about lavender, but don’t tell him I told you! 😉 Lavender has been proven to reduce anxiety and act as an anti-inflammitory. 

There’s a small paper shaped and colored like Earth 🌍 that can be planted to grow flowers! I loved this touch, we just added a new garden bed at Shellmate Island and can't wait to see what comes from this!

There are adorable photos of Hannah and her van, Half baked Bus, and my favorite of all, the Hippie Healer Salve!!!

After a day of personal training, it helps with my aches and pains. 😌 This is such a fun gift and we love every part of it! We will be ordering for some friends!

Make sure you check out her other products at

ps. Oliver was a fan too! 😻  




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