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About Hannah

“I tie together the Cannabis and Tiny Home lifestyles making unisex products for stoners and nomads alike. Selling only North American artisan goods out of tiny homes, we embrace a lifestyle for the HIPPIE in all of us" 

— Hannah Rubin, Founder of Half-Baked Bus


Hannah started dreaming up the Half-Baked Bus once she realized the tremendous benefits of medical marijuana. After unsuccessfully trying traditional forms of wellness, Hannah learned that marijuana could be a better medical choice for treating her insomnia and nurturing her mental health. She became a night-time user and soon found herself not only sleeping soundly, but connecting to a like-minded community. It was clear to Hannah that other people could benefit from cannabis as much as she had.

Hannah bought a run down, 32-foot school bus on Craigslist. She had a plan: she would refurbish the vehicle, turn it into a skoolie tiny home, and drive around North America. Of course, the bus wouldn't just be for a road trip. It would become a mobile smoke shop. An emblem of van life, you can see a Half Baked Bus bus will be rolling into the high life at festivals and events throughout North America.

By selling handmade lifestyle products for the hippie in all of us, Hannah is bolstering a market that could become the first $1 billion industry run by women. The Half Baked Bus helps support local artisans by knowing each vendor. All our goods are either handmade or hand-crafted in North America to ensure high quality and to support the "buy local" movement.

A crafter and nomad at 💚, many of Hannah's crafts are inspired by her travels on the road and love of her tiny home, The Half Baked Bus. Hannah makes lifestyle goods for the HIPPIE in all of us.

In 2017 Canada announced their plans to legalize weed. In February 2017 Jeff Sessions was confirmed as America's Attorney General. Fearing United States government prosecution of marijuana businesses, Hannah rolled into Canada. Once legally possible, she will be expanding her subscription service to include cannabis products in Canada and CBD products in America.

Hannah Rubin, Founder of Half-Baked Bus