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gemstone resin board weed wedding favor weed budtender event budtender
weed wedding favor wedding budtender event budtender weed bus photobooth

Gemstone Resin Board Set (Personalization Option)

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Weed wedding favor gemstone resin board set from weed bus tiny home bus shop. Gemstone resin board set created for weed bus wedding budtender event budtender. Tray is 7.5x12 inches. Message window with a base color choice, a metallic color and handle color choice.

āœ‹ made with šŸ’š in Canada

Note: If customization is chosen it will shipped from Canada if you select a board in stock it will be shipped from America. If customization is chosen it will take a week to dispatch since they are handmade and need time to harder. Each set is handmade and maybe slightly different than the photos. Message the chat window or email with any questions or customization choice.


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