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Weed bus gift box with ten CBD bus magnesium CBD roll ons. 1000mg CBD in hippie CBD wellness box. Each CBD magnesium roll on has 100mg CBD magnesium oil is the liquid form of Epsom salts. I first discovered magnesium oil when using it for period pain in a spray format. I created this product to directly address period pain or for any other body pain. The gemstone magnesium CBD roll ons allows the magnesium oil to be applied directly to the point of pain. American CBD with independent lab testing.


  • Ten Gemstone 100mg Magnesium CBD Roll Ons             (1000mg CBD total)
  • Lava Heart Diffuser Keychain
  • Half Baked Bus Box

Note: Take up to two weeks for delivery. Check out our shop for individual product descriptions. Ask us about our CBD white-label options. CBD white label private label CBD skincare starts at 12 CBD topicals. Email with any questions or message the chat window. For legal use only. Vegan topicals not for edible consumption.