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Weed Bus Mug

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Weed bus pipe mug is made in Detroit and BPA Metal free. Ceramic pipe mug with weed bus design based on our CBD bus tiny home bus shop. Weed bus pipe mug is one of our ceramic pipe mugs gifts for potheads. The inside of the bowl is glazed and is food, microwave, and dishwasher safe. Mugs are approximately 4 1/4" tall, and 3 1/2" across, and hold 9-10 ounces of liquid. Each mug is slightly different since they are handmade with love. The rolling into the high life pipe mug is hand sculpted to include a 3D pop out of the Half Baked Bus weed bus logo.

✋ made with 💚 in Detroit

Note: Though the mug is dishwasher safe we recommend hand-washing due to the bare ceramic inside the pipe tube. Hand-washing the mugs help ensure their durability if dropped. To clean the pipe, just run a damp pipe cleaner through a few times and air dry. For legal use only.



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