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Weed bus salve from tiny home cannabis bus shop. Non infused salve from weed bus tiny home bus shop. Weed bus salve is one of our best gifts for potheads and weed wedding favors for the HIPPIE in all of us. Our weed bus salve can be used for lips and also as an antiseptic for cuts and bruises. Apply balm to bug bites, rashes (including eczema break out) and smallmouth sores. The salve is made from all organic olive oil brewed together with flowers, roots, and honey. The high quality salve lasts up to two years if refrigerated. It comes in both a 1oz and 8oz BPA free circular metal tin.Ā  Save when you buy the 8oz tin.

Half Baked Bus hippie salve is made using flower power from dried flowers like chamomile and has a yellow olive oil base. The hemp salve has a tingly feeling created by the Serbian pine nut oil used in the blend with a hemp seed oil base. See the color difference of salve in the photos.

āœ‹ made with šŸ’š in America

Note: Check out our CBD salve CBD rub options in our shop to get half baked. Email or message the chat window with any questions. Takes up to two weeks for delivery.